A young Latin Hispanic male (Richard), who is striving to become a singer when he crosses paths with Gabrielle, who is striving to play Volleyball in the Olympics. With the two paths crossing is causes problems with social boundaries


This story reflects through the lives of a young Latin Hispanic male, Richard, who is striving to become a singer, and a young, Caucasian woman named Gabrielle, who is striving to play Volleyball in the Olympics for the USA team.

Gabrielle, in a rush to catch her flight to San Francisco, drops her backpack and her wallet falls out. Richard picks up her wallet and tracks Gabrielle down, on his way to San Francisco in search of a record deal. While in San Francisco, Richard finds Gabrielle and returns the wallet to her. 

After days of spending time with one another, Richard and Gabrielle fall for one another. Gabrielle's father, Dr. Kaplan finds out that his daughter is seeing Richard. Dr. Kaplan discriminates against everyone who is of a different nationality than himself. Dr. Kaplan forbids his daughter to see Richard. Gabrielle makes the U.S. Olympic team, with Richard by her side, even though it is against her father's will.

Through the barriers of social and culture classes, their lives are transformed into a love story although Dr. Kaplan is determined to make sure that his daughter never sees Richard again.