One Act Play



Michael lost his way as life is blowing him by.  In a room
closed off from the world, without any windows for even a
beam of light to shine through.  Curled up in the corner of
Michael’s dark and lonely room.  Michael holds his legs near
his chest with his arms wrapped around his legs as he rocks
his body.  Michael’s tears relax in his eyes begging for a


Depression…  I lock myself in

this room, buried with my

thoughts.  Attack myself, my

sights cloud my vision.


Michael slides up the corner of the wall with a slight
stumble, for he hasn’t used his legs for days.


Where is my promised life?

Asking for thought in fear!

Where did I sign up?  My words

talk in depression, as my

meaning slithers away.


Michael slowly walks over to his bed as he sits on the edge,
as he looks up to the ceiling.


When I sleep I plead for my

life, to be a dream.  Seconds go

by, through a new life.  Awake

my eyes open.  What do I see?


Michael throws his hands at the room as he looks around the

A square of black walls!

Reading of thoughts unable to

wash away!


Michael holds his head, and then runs his hands through his
hair.  Michael stares at the wall in fear.


Friends, yes I once had.  Till

my burning thoughts cast them

as shadows.  I breathe.  I talk.

Why can’t I trick my thoughts?


Michael looks down at the floor of his room.


My eyes stand blinded.  My mind

laughs with my conviction.

Barbed wire surrounds words motioning

my feelings.

Michael stands up and walks slowly back and forth.


(softly though grows
I pace sometimes.  Working for

new thoughts, hoping to stomp on

my depression sights!


Michael stops in the middle of the room, as he holds his face
blowing out his frustration.


(yelling with much
Retrieving new thoughts, always

brainstorms the ones I can’t



Michael walks over to his desk as he sits in the chair at the
desk.  Michael reaches into the desk drawer and pulls out a
poem he has written.  Michael begins to read the poem.


Words/ Can’t find meaning of my

thoughts/ Broken eyes/Beg for

tomorrow to leave today/Sights

of escape/Watches my pleading

die/My eyes shut/Swimming to be

free/Left to my mind/Clinging to

be me


Michael wads up the poem and throws it across the room.
Michael then slowly walks over to a mirror in his dark and
silent room.  Michael looks into the mirror.


(softly though grows
I can’t see you, though your

outline is there.  Erase my

thoughts!  Let me see me!  Let

me see me!


Michael falls upon the mirror, as he slides down the wall.
Tears bleed through his eyes as he sits on the floor with
knees resting against his chest, with his arms wrapped around
his legs.  Michael rocks himself as he sobs.


Where am I?  Where did I go?

Where is myself?  For my

thoughts of depression took you

from me!