As One



With the loss of his parents, Chase gains a new love that he had never discovered.


A heart ripping fetal wreck, paves the way of a Chase’s struggle to cope with the loss of his parents. Chase searches for answers to the untimely death of his parents, while leaving his pencils and paint brushes aside and replacing them with alcohol.


Chase meets Sara at an art museum, in front of a painting, which was painted by Chase’s father. Sara helps Chase learn to cope with his loss through friendship. While the friendships progresses, Sara’s feelings become stronger for Chase, while Chase refuses to show his feelings. Chase begins to see a psychiatrist who teaches him to let go and learn to love someone again. Chase learns that Sara has a child named Brandon. Brandon becomes a big part of Chase’s recovery of the loss of his parents.


Sara tries to convince Chase to go to school and fulfill is expectations of being a writer. With a salvaged part of a poem from the wreck, Chase finishes the poem that his father wrote for his mother. In the end, with a voice over, Chase’s father reads the part of the poem he wrote and then without a break in the poem, Chase reads the part that he wrote. All while Chase, Sara, and Brandon sit in front of Chase’s fathers painting.